On this lesson we were shown how to create one of the most classic and sophisticated looks of all times: the smoky eye. We can find many variations out there as well as different ways to create it. Branka showed us the technique of using a black eye liner before the eye shadow to create a very dark base and make the powder stick to it even better. She also showed us two looks that we had to recreate: one with nude glossy lip, and another one with dramatic burgundy lips and glossy eyelids on top of the smoky eye.


I was not sure how it would work out for me when blending out the eye liner and if it would look patchy at first. I usually always use a cream eye shadow or paint pot style products. But I tried my best anyway and had a go at this technique.

As I was fearing fall out from the eye shadows, I decided to do the eye make up before the skin. However I did cleanse and moisturise the skin first. For this I used Garnier Micellar Water and Kaeso Calming Moisturiser.


Clean skin


Next, I applied the black eye liner (Inglot 77) all over the eyelid up to the crease. Very quickly I started blending it in with a buffing brush from Crown. The aim was to not see any hash lines on the eyelid.




Once I was happy with my first blending. I applied a vanilla shade underneath the brow bone to start creating a transition of colours. Right after that I applied a matte soft brown on the crease to start fusing both colours with the black so it goes from black to skin tone.



I then starting packing the black eye shadow (MAC carbon) onto the eye liner we applied previously. I did not sweep my brush around, I rather pressed it to the eyelid. This will help to avoid fallouts and also to intensify the pigmentation of our eye shadow. I personally wet my brush with a bit of fix + (MAC).




To finish the eyes, I make sure everything is well blended and there are no hash lines. When blending, colours tend to lose their intensity, so I would pack colour and blend as I go along.

I then use a high coverage foundation (Ultrafoundation Kryolan) to perfect the skin as much as possible, using a stippling brush to blend it into the skin. I used a smaller brush to get to smaller areas such as around the nose and the mouth.






This is one of my favourite looks to create because I think it is very feminine and sexy, but sophisticated and elegant too. You can adapt it to everyone and every occasion by changing the colour and technique.

However, I did not like AT ALL adding an eye liner as a base. It was rather patchy and uneven. It was also almost impossible to blend and very hard to work with. I would probably use a creamier type of product like a paint pot or a cream eye shadow.



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