Since I was so unhappy with the result on my smokey eye look, I decided to recreate it again, as my gorgeous friend agreed to model for me over the half term.

So I gave the eyeliner as a base technique once again, but then again, I ended up not liking it. I used the same products and step by step that I used previosly, however I did try to be quicker with my blending and be more precise with the application. The major issue was that she had slightly hodded eyes, which of course, does not help. I did not like the result at all and the base looked rather patchy again, as well as very strange.

Because she was so pale, I didn’t think that black was very flattering for her. From a closeup however, it doesn’t look as bad, and it does make her eyes pop up. But the eyeshadow looks patchy, and her eyes look smaller too. But then I tried a brown colour because I thought it would suit her better than black. This time I applied a cream eye shadow base (Colour Tattoo Maybelline in Taupe) and I liked the result much much better! It was easier to blend and better pigmentation.


Maybelline Color Tatto 24hr Gel Cream Eyeshadow 17.png
These eyeshadows have a creamy formula that dries very quickly and they are very similar to the Mac Paint Pots (for less than half the price!). They are a must have for me. They blend like a dream and have high end pigmentation.



These pictures are the last final look I created on my model. I love the warm brown shades on the eyelids, they really compliment her skin and makes her look flawless! For the skin I used the same products that I used on my previous smokey eye look (link right here: )


I definetely do not like the eyeliner underneath, I personally believe that there are many better products out there for that. Also after experimenting a bit with smokey eyes, I have realised that everyone should have their own version of it to suit them better. Black is quite tricky, especially if people are too pale or have small yes. But I think brown is a good alternative.

Also the use of cream shadows changed everything for me because now I know what to use instead of eyeliner next time.


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