CATWALK LIPS: red, ombre and glitter.

I did not understand the importance of a good lipstick application (and how challenging). We generally just put our own by the stick, but lining other people’s outline can be tricky! Lately we can see many different trendy shades like blue, and also the very famous glitter lip. I LOVE GLITTER!

During this lesson Holly showed us the correct way to line and fill in the lips, as well as shape correcting and how to remove its natural colour. We leant some techniques of how to apply glitter lips easily, the concept of an ombre lip and a classic basic red lip.


Our teacher gave us a sheet where the lips shapes were explained and how to line them properly to create the perfect shape.



Red lipstick has been the sexy element for every woman around the world, one of the most used and it comes in all shades and undertones to suit absolutely everyone. However, when it comes to catwalk looks, we need a very precise application and perfect lip lining to maximise the performance of the lipstick and to embrace the lip shape.

These are some examples of the different shades or textures that we can find within the reds. There are also different under tones, and every woman should find the one to suit their skin tone.

  1. I started by cleaning and moisturising the skin as always, using my Garnier Micellar Water for sensitive skin and my Kaeso Calming moisturiser.
  1. I then spray some Freedom Makeup Priming Water. This will create like a barrier between the makeup and the skin, protecting it and nourishing it.



  1. After waiting for the priming water to dry, I apply the Face and Body foundation from MAC. I only applied a thin layer so it wouldn’t look too caky.


2. I then used the Nyx Concealer Palette in Medium. I use this to perfect the skin even more by adding it just where the foundation wasn’t enough.

These palettes are very similar to the MAC ones, and the coverage is great too.


3. I set everything with translucent powder and a fluffy brush.

This is the Kiko invisible powder. It sets the make up very well and doesn’t leave a white color when applied.


4. For this look I used the Kiko Luscious Punk Lipliner in the color 02 to first define the line of my model. She had very thin lips so I overlined her lips slightly and as natural as I could. I gave them an slightlier rounder shape as hers were more like sharp but thin.


As we can see, she has very thin lips. However I kind of managed to make them look fuller


5. I then applied a coat of the Kiko Luscious Punk Lipstick in 02. I applied it on the center of the lips more to concentrate the color and then spread it around the edges and mix it in with the liner.



6. This lipstick had a bit of a more shiny effect, so with some tissue and translucent powder, I lightly dusted it it. This will help to mattify the lipstick, but also to make ir last for longer.

7. And that would be our perfect Red Lip.

Final Look!



Since she has such small lips, it was such a challenge to line her lips without making them look like a clown because I was overly drawing too much. But next time I will know that I should be pulling the lips around slightly to be able to access every edge. Also I never did the powder techinque but I think it was very good because you can change the effect of a lipstick in seconds! However I think I will use a matte lisptick next time. I did like the result overall, especially the color. I think it really suited her and matched her skin undertone.



Ombre lips is a transition of color from dark to bright and dark again. You can see once again many variations, but it is definetely one of the best and most trendy lips of the moment. They can be very dramatic, or not so much. Here are some pictures:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After completing the red lip, we then were asked to create an ombre lip with the base that we already had. It was much easier to pick up the technique since I already had the lips lined. It was basically then adding a dark lipliner where we previously lined, and also on the corner of the lips.

I used a dark brown eyeliner for this. I lined the lips again with it and from the corners to the middle leaving a gap there.


Once I applied the lip liner, I then retouched the red bright color to get back the pigmentation lost.

I blended the two colors edges with my finger so we sort of create a third color in between.

And the final look…




Well I must say that I really liked the final look. I maybe would have used a darker lip liner so it was a much more dramatic look than it is. Maybe black? I definetely will do this look quite a lot. It is very trendy right now, and it has a such a chic and different touch, and it is also very easy to do. Probably the hardest part for me was the lip lining, but again she had very small lips too, so they are hard to work with.



I practise the glitter lip on another lesson and on another person. I think glittery lips are flattering when you naturally have fuller lips, so this play into my favour when doing this look. This time my model had bigger lips, and I was able to line her lips much easier and faster.


1. So I started by lining her lips with a deep purple color. I used Kiko Color Definer Lip liner in 03. I decided to use this color because the eye look was rather simple, so I thought this would be good for the look.

2. I then applied a slightly lighter color in the middle to almost create an ombre lip too. While the lipstick is dry, I start packing in the glitter slowly into the lower lip



3. As it wasn’t sticking as well as I wanted, I then wet my brush with some priming water. I continue to pack the glitter to the lip

4. I complete packing the glitter all over the lips. The glitter I used is from Ebay.

And the final look…




I love it. This look is just amazing. I would add glitter to everything if I could. The purple colors really suited my model as she was so pale. Next time I would probably use something that could attach the glitter to the skin much better because I feel like it was falling so much, and it kind of also looses intensity.

For everything else, I liked it all. Her lips were very youthful and rounded that I had no problems to line them and as the eye makeup was very neutral, it was calling for a deep tone lip.



All information written by me.….0…1c.1.64.img..1.7.806.eY8nHTpz3JE#imgrc=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1c.1.64.img..1.7.806.eY8nHTpz3JE#imgdii=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3BW0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3B7tm_kdU7GZqc6M%3A&imgrc=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1c.1.64.img..1.7.806.eY8nHTpz3JE#imgdii=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3BW0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3BD2SDj6AoD88iDM%3A&imgrc=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1c.1.64.img..1.7.806.eY8nHTpz3JE#imgdii=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3BW0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A%3BevSxS66Uuq3ehM%3A&imgrc=W0K6teEw3Czd6M%3A [Accessed Nov 2015] [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.16.1162.tTgffP09Qgw#imgrc=Qv2glnap_SVo5M%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]…66987.76180.0.76322.….0…1c.1.64.img..9.19.1111.I0pbPNIYcfM#imgrc=x2Rt-BpFx2F2uM%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1c.1.64.img..0.11.979.hS0VMmlVrYE#imgrc=DpfazNXiBJEEKM%3A [Accessed Nov 2015]….0…1c.1.64.img..1.9.905.t2en2ISNxu0#imgrc=_ [Accessed Nov 2015]


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