Nina Ricci AW/14

This designer’s original name was Maria Nielli, and she came up with her designer name by mixing her name and her husband’s. Her Haute Couture House was founded in 1932 in Paris. She had a very unique technique, cut, materials and balance. Her son Robert Ricci helped her to found her  house and line of perfumes in 1941, but in 1979 both houses were moved into the same roof, and the bottom floor was dedicated to the boutique. Then the brand moved to a house in Barcelona (Spain) in 1998. She is now very well known by her female perfumes, and they are very famous around Spain and Paris mainly. The current creative director of the brand is Guillaume Henry since January 2015.

This fashion show took place during Paris Fashion Week and was inspired in the female fatale attitude, everything very sexy and feminine, as well as elegant and showing a strong and secure woman. With pencil skirts, polo shirts, tigh-skimming dresses and coats belted to the waist, this season the designer definetely left us without words. They also surprised us with the best types of fabrics; raised devore, appliquéd needlepoint, jacquard dropped waists and shimmering champagne velvet. Nina Ricci has always been very careful with the fabrics and cuts that they do to create the pieces.

I think these designs are absolutely gorgeous, they are quite my own style. I love the pencil skirts and the loose silk blouses. I also think the style of the coats give the perfect touch to the look, and the tall heels are very nice and female fatale.

It is very amazing clothing, I love the style, the colors, the fabrics, everything! They did a really good job, this would definetely be one of my favourite fashion shows.


For this makeup look we can see a very soft and feminine look with purple and pink eyelids and nude lips. They are very complementing to the whole collection because it is meant to be inspired in the female fatale and sexiness, while the makeup shows us a slight of innocence, almost like the child inside us.

This is the makeup look for this show


For the eyes, we can see a very prominent violet eyeshadow all over the lid very well blended upper the crease, almost getting to the browbone. There seems to be a nude eyeliner on the waterline, and a possible ever so slight and thin eyeliner very close to the eyelashes. There is no sign of any mascara, and the eyebrows seem to be very natural and effortless, but I think they used a clear mascara and stroke them upwards to give that sort of effect to them

This also depends on the model because some of them seem to be wearing a black eyeliner on the water line and black mascara.


For the skin, we can see a more dewy skin, very natural and almost naked, I am almost sure they used a foundation with the texture of Face and Body by Mac. However we can see a flush of pink coral onto the cheeks ever so slight, and a very light contour. Also I believe they must be wearing some sort of highlight, maybe like Strobe Cream by Mac, probably mixed in with the foundation and on the light points of the face; bridge of the nose, top of the cheeks, browbone.. etc.


For the lips, we can see nude lips again, with a tint of rosy pale. They look kissed lips. This technique has being used during this sesson by many other designer, and it definetely one of the big trends of the moment. It is basically tapping and rubbing the lipstick with the fingers after the application, to make it look smudged and like a natural lip color. The shade changes depending on the model’s natural skin and lip color.







I think the makeup is very nice, but maybe I would have chosen dark lips or smokey eyes, simply because the clothes are showing a strong attitude woman, and it would have matched the collection much better. However I do think there is a contrast between the female fatale and the soft and feminine violet makeup with nude lips.



For the hair we can see a sleek middle partition with both sides very well done, and hair tucked into the jumpers or jackets. This makes the hair look shorter or like a bulb.




We can also see the backcombing at the top of the head, which gives the hairstyle a very chic touch. Backcombing has been trendy forever and it will continue to be for the rest of the years. By tucking the hair into the neck, I think they could be showing the trend of short hair. Many celebrities and known women have trimmed their hair lately, and maybe it is also shown on the catwalk. Short hair is coming back, while long sleek hair has been the protagonist forever.

They might have used texturising sprays and back combs to create the look, as well as loads of hairspray to look the hair sides down the shape of the face. I think the hair was blow dried first to keep any possible frizz down.



I really like the clothing collection in this fashion show, I think they are what every modern woman should forever wear. I love also the fabrics and how they matched them between them.

However I must say that the makeup didn’t really match the collection in my opinion, however purple is one the season colors, so maybe that is why they included it onto the eyelids. I really liked the effect they gave to the skin, very natural and glossy, another very big trend.

I tried to find the products that were used backstage, but I failed to it. Also I couldn’t find who was the main makeup artist for this campaign, but I found this video which is about the collection. They show the backstage very slightly, but at least is something!

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