During this lesson, we were taught about the color theory and how to combine the colors when applying makeup. As a makeup artist, this is a very important thing to take into consideration at all times, because it will help us to know how to color correct, and how to use the colors with each other properly. Here is a picture of the color wheel:


As we can see some colors are placed next to each other, and others are opposite. What this means is that, the colors that are opposite compliment each other, therefore you would use them together, for example the orande is opposite blue, that is why we use a salmon concealer to color correct the blue under eye area.

So after learning a little bit about how colors work with each other, we then did a colorful eye makeup that would compliment our models eye color. As my model had green eyes I chose orange shades.

Once the skin was clean and hydrated, I applied an eyeshadow primer to make the colors pop, and I decided to create a cut crease, so for that I drew a line upper the crease with a blue eye pencil, from the outter corner to the inner corner.



I then start blending upwards that color with a blue eyeshadow, and I apply the orange shade all over the lid, making sure I am blending the cut to make it look clean, but mantaining the cut crease. I also apply the Universal Fit Foundation from Kiko all over the face to have a clean skin.


I cleaned the edges and blended the edges on the blue with a cream shade, so the transition from the color to the skin looks clean.


I kept the skin really clean because I wanted to mantain the attention in the eyes. I also added a touch of a deep berry for the lips, and I think it compliments the look pretty well. Here are some better shots:




I generally really liked the look overall, however I did not like the yellow touch that I added at the end. I think thay it didn’t compliment the look really well, and it made it look very weird overall. I also think I would apply a white base underneath so the color pop more, sice I think they didn’t look as vibrant as I wanted.

The lips added a very feminim touch to the look, but I would have used a more low shade next time, since the eye makeup is very colorful already. I really liked the way the skin looked, very natural and airbrushed. I generally really liked the look.


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