Black&White Photography Makeup

On today’s lesson we learnt how to do a makeup suitable for black and white photography. When it comes to this type of photoshoots, the colors that you use aren’t as important, however the shade and depth of the tones is very important. It is crucial to know how the grey scale goes in order to have a better perspective of how things would look once in camera. This is the look created by our teacher:


On this side, she created a very dewy skin, strong contour and highlight, and match it with a nude lip and strong thick white eyeliner. We can see in this picture how clear and strong the white is, while other shades are not as sharp.


On this side she created a more natural look, but focusing a lot on the skin and its texture. She applied vaseline to give a glossy effect rather than glittery.

I put my camera in b&w option, and took the pictures for my look.


I firstly made sure the skin was well clean and moisturise as always (following all health&safety rules). I then took a picture with color and b&w to see how the texture of the skin changed:

On this picture we can see how sharper the shapes are, and how the colors are appreciated.




I then apply a very clean foundation base trying to keep the skin as flawless as possible. On b&w photography details are not as shown, but if the model has dark undereyes for example, they will be much stronger, so I focused on these details mainly:


As we were shown two different looks on the demo, I practiced both. So I applied vaseline with my finger on the top of the cheeks to give glossiness to the skin. The skin automatically looks naturally dewy and fresh, even though we can see the true color.


The principles for b&w photography is highlighting and contouring, so I contour the cheekbones with a cream product to mantain that dewyness we achieved previously.




Because I already had my base one, I just used the other side of the face of my model to create the next look. So I decided to create a graphic liner with strong highlight and contour. So firstly I did the strobbing and the contour:

I also gave the eyebrows a bit of a lift and applied gloss to the lips slightly.

For the eye makeup, I created a c shape where the crease naturally is with black eyeshadow. I tried to do it as tidy as possible to then be able to the white liner on top. Once I was happy with the shape, I did the white eyeliner around it to give it a sharp edge:


I kept building up the white eyeliner to make it as sharp as possible, however it was very difficult because it kept cracking. But after a few tries it went well.


When I was happy with the eyeliner, with a very shimmery highlighter, I added an extra touch at the top of the cheeks for extra glow. As it is a powder it would show up quite hash amd strong, but I liked the effect:


And the final look….



I really enjoyed doing this makeup look, it is something that I never realised how important it is to take into consideration what type of photography is being taken, so we have a better product choice as makeup artists.

The main issue I had with the second look was that the eyeliner kept on cracking and falling off, and it made me take much much longer to continue with everything else. I think everything else went quite well and worked well together. As we can see on the b&w images the eyes and the skin looked very good on camera.


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