Use of Glitters

On this lesson, we were asked to recreate a look with the use of glitters, but it should be inspired by previous work of Pat Mcgrath or Alex Box. The look created for our teacher Holly was Pat Mcgrath glittery mask for Christian Dior in AW/11:


I quite liked this look, however I wanted to recreate something a bit different, so I chose one of the looks that Alex Box created for Myer SS/10 with Illamasqua. It consists of a very golden and warm makeup, with sparkles around the hair line and down the neck, with also gold lips and a dark smokey eye:





Since the eyes are quite dark and glittery, I decided that I would do them first. I applied the Mac painpot in painterly all over the lids, followed by carbon eyeshadow from Mac too. I bring it up the crease and blend with a fluffy brush.


I then packed in the inner corner a golden pigment (Mac Melon) and blend it with the black eyeshadow to create a creaseless transition. I also blended the outter edges better.


I apply a layer of foundation on the skin after cleaning any fall outs on the skin. I also apply some concealer underneath the eyes to conceal any dark circles and imperfections. As there is gold glitters on the forhead, I shadow the area with some yellow eyeshadow first:


I blended the color in with the skin nicely so it looks even. I also contour the cheekbones and the temples slightly, and also apply some of the yellow on top of that blending it together.



With a flat shading brush, I pack in the glitter at the forehead and the top of the cheeckbones. My glitter was not similar at all to the one that was used on the original image, but it was the closest one in my kit:


And final look…..





I really liked this look and how it came up. I did not do the exact thing, and I think I could of possible add much more glitter around the cheekbones and even some on the hair and down the neck, however we do not have much time in the class to recreate much more. I also think I did not pick the right glitter for this, so next time I will pick a finner glitter, and apply it with my fingers rather than with a brush.

Also as we can see on the last image, the eyes creased quite fast, and I think it was because my model had rather oily eyelids, so next time I will make sure I prime everything nicely. But overall I think the makeup came up nicely and I will definetely recreate it again.


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