Pop Magazine.

Link to the magazine: http://thepop.com/

Pop magazine is a british fashion magazine, but it covers areas like art, culture and more. It was first released on September 2000 and it started by being an online magazine . The co-founders are Ashley Heath and Katie Grand. It is published two times a year and stock up at Newsstand, even though it is on the more price side (£13.40), the content is highly well produced, and with amazing good value.


The targeted audience is the trendy and contemporary women, and as we can see the magazine’s style is very funky and stylish. The pose with the arms up is very common and side shots. They usually change the background to match the title’s colors, as well as the lettering.



This magazine I have selected for my final project. I really like the style, the funkiness and colors that they use, and how they include different patterns in the background. Most of the times, the models show their arms when they are posing, almost making a photo frame, and the makeup is usually quite funky and creative.


http://thepop.com/ [Accessed Feb 2016]

http://www.newsstand.co.uk/251-Glossy-Fashion-Magazines/4445-Subscribe-to-POP-Magazine-Subscription.aspx [Accessed Feb 2016]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop_%28fashion_magazine%29 [Accessed Feb 2016]



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