Face Lace with Eyeliner

On this lesson, we were challenged to create the illusion of face lace with eyeliner. It was inspired in Phyllis Cohen face lace for the catwalk as we can see on the picture down there. We could add our own touch to it, so of course glitter was the option (picture on the right). For this I also blocked the eyebrow ( as shown previously), because this would help to make the eyeliner be the center of attention.




Before I started any makeup, I blocked one of the eyebrows with pritt stick (as shown before on the blog https://glitterbombsite.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/eyebrows-bleached-effect-and-blocked/ ). After that I applied a layer of foundation to even the skin tone, and some concealer underneath the eyes to cover dark circles.



After powdering where needed and everything is settled, I start drawing the lace on the face free hand, and without any type of pattern in particular. I used my favourite Inglot eye liner gel in 77, which is the blackest black for me, and the easier to work with.


Once I was kind of happy with the drawing, I packed some of the Teal Reflects pigment from Mac on certain areas to give it a shine, and some color too. As I did not follow any particular pattern, I feel like it did not quite look like lace, however when I applied the pigment it looked much better.



And the final look…..




This time I think that the eyebrow blocking went much better than the first time, I found my technique much more effective than before and it did not look as caky. When it comes to the lace, I am not quite sure I like it, I think next time I will find a pattern before I draw, and it would probably help me to make it more realistic.

I really liked the way the glitter looked with the lace design, and also how the skin looked underneath it. However, it was quite hard to draw the pattern over the blocked eyebrows because it had so much product on them. But next time I think I will make sure I powder really well and press it in properly, and before trying to draw over it, let it set for a while.


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