Use of Gold Leaf.

For this lesson, we recreated a look that has been very popular for few years on the catwalks. Pat Mcgrath (of course!) created it during the SS/12 Milan Fashion Week, but we have now recently seen it made by Holly Fulton in AW/16, slightly different technique however. I decided to recreate the Pat Mcgrath look because it love how the leaf looks all over the lid.

Pat Mcgrath SS/12
Beauty - LFW AW16
Holly Fulton take on this material.



To start with I moisturise and prep the skin for the makeup. Once I have done that, I apply a layer of foundation mixed with some strobe cream to give it extra dewyness and shine. I also applied some concealer around the dark circles to cover them.


Using some water based mixing medium, I press in the gold leaf previously cut to the eyes size using a flat brush. It is very important to use a brush and never your fingers because otherwise it would stick to them and break apart (unless that isthe type of look you are going for).


I then apply a thick line on the upper lid as eyeliner on top. I made sure I was really careful because I could have easily peeled the gold leaf off. So with tapping motion, and a thin liner brush, I start bulding it up.


With a fluffy blending brush, I start buffing the gold leaf slightly to break it a bit. This will avoid it to look like just a block of paper on the eyelid, quite similar to the Holly Fulton’s approach.

The final look…..




I thought this was quite an interesting look to recreate and I actually quite liked the result. I was kind of worried that the gold leaf was going to break very easily, however I found it quite easy to do and I even applied some of it with my fingers intead of a brush.

I had a lot of trouble to stick it to the eyebrows, and I found no way to make it stick, but next time I will probably try to do it with some spirit gum or even some pritt stick. I could also block the eyebrow, but since in class we do not get that much time I did not have time to do that.


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