As we did the Current Trends assessment on our chosen look and with the use of one hot appliance, we also did the hair part on the same look.

It consisted in a sleek gloosy hair, combed backwards and straight ends. For this look I decided to use a wet hair effect gel, texturising salt spray, hairspray and hair straighter.


  1. The first step is to backcomb the hair and pin it behind the ears. I also spray some texturising spray to the hair.
  2. I then take my wet effect gel, and apply it all the way to the middle of the hair lenght, leaving the ends free of any product.
  3. I keep combing through and applying product as I go along. I also apply hairspray while I press the hair againts the scalp, so it looks sleek.
  4. I then straight the ends and comb them through again.
  5. I apply hairspray all over and remove the pins.


Final look:


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